Knowing How to Enhance Your Smile: Mouth Jewelry Risk Prevention

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Are you aware of the risks associated with mouth jewelry and what you can do to combat them? In several instances, mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings can be a hindrance to your oral health and can even cause various oral health risks to arise. Ideally, you should avoid these products, as several risks can often develop, even if you protect yourself adequately.

Even when mouth jewelry pieces are inserted into your mouth, they can do damage. If a tongue ring is placed incorrectly, it can cause permanent nerve damage or burst blood vessels. In addition, it’s very easy to end up with bleeding gums, oral inflammation, serious infections such as hepatitis and endocarditis, or chipped or cracked teeth. In addition, many individuals are allergic to mouth jewelry, as they have a hypersensitivity to metals. It can even make cleaning very difficult for both you and your oral health care routines provide by our dentist.

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