Q: Do I need to bring anything to my first appointment?

A: Yes. With our online forms, you do not have to come to your appointment early to fill out paperwork. Although, we ask that you arrive a few minutes early if you have not yet filled out your patient forms. You should also bring with you a medications list and your insurance card.

Q: Is Dr. Turman a preferred provider with any insurance companies?

A: Yes! We are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Delta Dental. We do, however, accept all insurances and will do our best to maximize our patient’s insurance benefits.

Q: What will the hygienist do at my first appointment as a new patient?

A: During a new patient’s first appointment, our dentist will provide a thorough examination of your mouth and necessary X-rays. The examination may include a soft tissue exam, oral cancer screening, TMJ exam, and gum health assessment. Then, our hygienist will provide you with a cleaning and we will give an estimate of the cost involved before any treatment.

Q: Can I access any patient forms prior to my appointment?

A:  Yes, our forms can be found on our New Patient Forms page under Resources.

Q: What is your Medicaid policy?

A:  Dr. Cris Turman strives to deliver quality dental services to our patients. However, with the capacity of our dental office in a rural area, we have implemented the following policies:

  1. We are ONLY seeing Medicaid patients of record and are continually serving the needs of the three nursing homes in our surrounding counties, namely Wishek Living Center, Napoleon Care Center and Strasburg Care Center.
  2. Broken Appointments: We appreciate your commitment to your Oral Health. However, if you are late or “no show” to your appointments up to three times, we will dismiss you from our practice and will be happy to forward your records to another dental office. See our NO Show/Late policy.
  3. Non-Medicaid Submission: There are times when you want a specific dental care that is NOT covered by Medicaid. Patient needs to agree in writing by signing a NON-Medicaid Submission Form. This means that you are financially responsible for all dental services we provide you and we are not submitting it to Medicaid.
  4. Due to the nature and complexity of dental services, we will be happy to discuss your unique situation with when you call our team at 701-254-4521.